We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

Sahi & Sons is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan salt and its wide range of products. We supply bulk quantity of Himalayan salt and its products all around the globe.We at Sahi & Sons closely focus on our customer’s needs and requirements and we deliver products according to our customers tailored needs.

We have very good grip on our overall supply chain which enable us to give our customers with optimum quality and shorter lead times. This leads us to satisfying our customers and build long term relationship with them.We offer variety of products to the bulk quantity customers at very competitive prices. We export to Europe, China, USA, Middle east, Africa, Canada , Australia.  We extend our hands to form new relations all around the world to promote the awareness about the benefits of Himalayan Salt and we would like to work together with different government and non government authorities who promote the usage of Himalayan salt for its multiple uses.

Our product range includes, Rock Salt, Himalayan Pink salt crystals, Table salt, Deicing salt, Industrial salt, Natural USB lamps, Crafted Lamps, Massage Stones, Bath Soap, Himalayan Salt Tiles, Natural Inhaler pipe, Animal lick and so many other products.

Our Location

Main Blvd, Sitara Mall,Lower ground floor, near Harianwaala chowk, Faisalabad Pakistan.